Vision, mission and values

We are the sum of our individual dreams and efforts

Our 2030 Vision and Values


We want to be globally recognised as people passionate about transforming cereals into excellent and innovative foods, working with our clients, colleagues, farmers and local suppliers to develop accessible products that meet consumers’ current and future needs.


Seeing as the company context has changed, we are undergoing an in-depth review process of the culture and leadership model that we need to achieve our goals. Nonetheless, there are certain values that are unique to our identity and which define us at present such as consumer focus, passion, innovation, efficiency, trust and teamwork.

Our values

Positive attitude

It’s our way of seeing the world.

We convert problems into opportunities and view things with optimism and excitement, conveying passion.

Result focus

It’s how we focus on action.

We focus on what’s important and act efficiently.

We do what we say and say what we do.


It’s our way of being united.

We all pull in the same direction, sharing objectives and generating synergies.

Consumer Focus

It’s our purpose

Customer and consumer satisfaction lies at the heart of all our decisions.


It’s our way of feeling.

We get involved, trust, assume responsibilities and feel a sense of belonging.