Our team

Our Company is synonymous with our people

Our team

“Our Company is synonymous with our people, without whom we would not be able to take our project forward”.

Our growth has been possible thanks to a team that is enthusiastic and reliable, innovative and efficient, with a competitive, customer-oriented spirit, which always aims to exceed expectations.

Steering Committee

Juan Manuel González Serna

Lucía Urbán López
Vice Chairman

Luis Ángel López

Rut Aranda
Chief of Strategic Business Development

José Antonio Rodríguez
Chief Financial Officer

Josep Turá
Chief of People & Organization

Loren Tapia
Director of Patrimonial Area

Javier de la Viuda
Global Operations Director

Elena Pérez
Director of Controlling B&O

Javier Leal
Mercadona Business Director

Jorge Espuny
Business Director Europe

Jason England
Managing Director UK

Eduardo Dominguez
Business Director America

Paola Castañeda
Director of Communication & Sustainability

WE ARE COMMITTED TO PEOPLE AND EQUALITY . This makes us international, multicultural and diverse.


We are an international team representing 41 different nationalities.


We have 4,640 people in local and multidisciplinary teams.


Men account for 55% of our team, and women for 45%.   11% of our workforce are people at risk of social exclusion.