Trust in society

We seek to contribute to the local development of the communities in which we operate

Trust in Society

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We want to be a company which society trusts fully, and that is why we feel obliged to return to society what we take from it.

Our Achievements

  • We make a positive impact on communities: we aim to contribute to the local development where we operate, promoting the integration of people who find it difficult to access the labour market and favouring the recruitment of local teams.
  • We are signatories to the United Nations Global Compact: by which we undertake to respect, promote and align our operations with the main universally accepted principles in human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption.
  • We minimise the environmental impact of our activity: we are aware of our business responsibility. That is why we make the effort to care for our environment and make better use of resources, reducing polluting emissions that we generate, optimising our water and energy consumption, measuring our carbon footprint and preparing reduction and improvement plans, being committed to the reduction of waste, recycling and reuse and repurposing of waste wherever possible.
  • We contribute to development and the generation of wealth in the communities where we operate: By contracting with the local suppliers who offer us the best guarantees.
  • Commitment to the land and the development of a sustainable agri-food chain. We contribute to a model geared to improving the productivity and profitability of rural land in Spain, strengthening the agri-food sector and generating competitive advantages for a sustainable future. To do so we work with farmers who are part of the project, 25 direct coworkers and 269 indirect, with whom we research and exchange knowledge. This is essential for creating a quality, efficient, profitable, reproducible and sustainable production model. We provide these farmers with the best seeds adapted to their fields, so they can provide us with the best cereals for our industrial processes. Our farmers know what each of the seeds they sow in their fields turn into: biscuits, pasta, sliced bread, pastries or breakfast cereals that will be consumed by Spanish families. That is the great strength of our project.
  • We are working to align our strategy with the 2030 Agenda, aware that the role of companies is key for the Sustainable Development Goals to become reality.
  • The Siro Foundation continues to foster talent through the Training Excellence Scholarships for children of our coworkers who demonstrate commitment and excellent grades. We also have agreements with Universities and Business Schools, among which are the Escuela de Empresarios EDEM in Valencia and Universidad de Valladolid.

We are committed to finding jobs for people with disabilities

Social integration of people at risk of social exclusion is one of our main values. Currently, 12% of our coworkers fall into this category. We have three Special Employment Centres, located in Venta de Baños, Palancia; Paterna, Valencia; and Jaén; as well as a labour enclave in Medina del Campo, Valladolid. Over 70% of the people who work in them, in positions related to production, storage, logistics, procurement and general services, have some kind of disability.

In 2017 we renewed the Inserta Convention with the ONCE Foundation for the third consecutive time since 1998. We also continue with our coworkers with the Higher Sports Council (CSD) and the Spanish Paralympic Committee (Spanish acronym: CPE), supporting the Spanish Paralympic Team through the ADOP (Support to Paralympic Target Sport) Plan.  In order to continue to make progress towards an inclusive society that is therefore sustainable for all, we consider it essential to support paralympic sport and sportspeople, thus strengthening our commitment to overcoming obstacles, discipline, equal opportunity, effort and constancy.

Some of the recognition resulting from the activity that is part of this commitment are:

  • “Best Company for Workers with Disabilities”, an international recognition received at the United Nations headquarters in New York, for our track record in social and employment integration of people at risk of social exclusion. This award has allowed us to demonstrate not only our commitment, but also to position Spanish initiatives as international benchmarks. The award was granted by the Secretary of State for the rights of People with Disabilities of Sao Paulo, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Bronze Medal for Sporting Merit granted by the Presidency of the High Council for Sport, for our support to Spanish paralympic sport within the ADOP Plan. This gave us entry into the Royal Order of Sporting Merit. The distinction was granted to our Chairman, Juan Manuel González Serna, from the Minister for Education, Culture and Sport, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo.
  • At regional level, on 22 April 2016 we received the Castile-Leon Prize for Human and Social Values. The jury was unanimous in its decision, granted in recognition of our activity ad commitment to the region and our commitment and involvement with ethical and social matters.
  • Finally, coinciding with our Adherence to the Europe and Spain Pact for Youth driven by the European Commission and CSR Europe and headed in Spain by Forética, our initiative for the Labour and Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities has been selected by this organisation to train part of the European Enterprise 2020 programme.

All the areas of our business are fully governed by the Sustainable Social Commitment, which contributes a significant social, environmental and economic value. Cerealto Siro Foods is committed to cultivating a sustainable future based on ethical and social values, which arise from people themselves and have defined us for more than 27 years. These are values that coworkers pass on to the companies. They are the only values that will allow us to make progress towards a satisfactory and integrated future. We are sure that a company is better if its commitments to its environment are transformed into deeds.