“At Cerealto Siro Foods we are getting closer to the earth, by the hand with local farmers and suppliers, to better meet the needs of our customers and consumers”

Sustainable agriculture

In Cerealto Siro Foods we have developed a sustainable agriculture model to obtain the best raw materials for our products.

The Company has three agronomic laboratories where we test different varieties of seeds and methods, looking for the best quality of wheat and other varieties of cereals. In fact, the third part of the durum wheat that we use for the manufacture of pasta alimentary already comes from our fields.

In order to achieve this, we work with farmers attached to the project, 25 direct and 269 indirect collaborators, with whom we research and exchange knowledge, essential to create a productive model of quality, efficient, profitable, reproducible and sustainable. We put at your disposal the best seeds adapted to your fields, which provide us with the best cereals for our industrial processes.

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With the aim of increasing the yield of these crops, we have taken the digitalization to the field and developed applications that allow us to obtain detailed information on consumption and yields to make decisions in real time, with storage in the cloud to access the information of any campaign. In addition, we have trained our farmers and cooperative technicians so that they can complete the data from their mobile phones very easily.

Alma Prima Pasta Sustainability Decalogue

Alma Prima has elaborated its first Decalogue of sustainability for the Pasta category, showing more and more its will to be a leader in environmental policies in the Spanish agri-food market. It is a document that summarises the 10 commitments that Cerealto Siro already fulfils in the production of Pasta, from the origin in its own agronomic laboratories and the fields of local farmers in Castilla y León who adhere to the Alma Prima model.

CSF Pasta Sustainability Decalogue

Responsible Sourcing

At Cerealto Siro Foods we are concerned about ethics and integrity in the supply chain. We believe in a common framework of excellence, which requires our suppliers to be in line with our vision, mission and values. This strong involvement has made us a reliable partner.

We tackle projects with them, which ensure profitability in all links of the production chain, learning about the variables that affect our suppliers and their needs, applying our experience and committing to joint development. Our intention is that our suppliers become part and extension of the company, and grow in the same way that we do.

We work with our suppliers to guarantee the food safety and quality of our products. In this line, we have demanding systems for the approval and evaluation of suppliers of raw materials, containers and packaging, which include the evaluation of their products in industrial tests and the requirement for approval of on-site audits, to enable the supply of their products. In relation to our commitment to guarantee the ethical behaviour, integrity and responsible practices of our suppliers, we request their registration in the SEDEX platform and demand that they adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes the minimum criteria for behaviour in the areas of human and labour rights, quality and the environment, anti-corruption and ethical management, in line with our mission, vision and values, and in compliance with national and international regulations and the principles that govern our business activities.

Siro Group Supplier Code of Conduct

Cerealto Supplier Code of Conduct

Animal Welfare

At Cerealto Siro, we promote the implementation of animal welfare policies throughout our value chain that address the four basic principles of: good food, good housing, good health and appropriate behavior for the needs of the species.

In this line, we are committed to ensuring that all the eggs we supply, essentially liquid and powdered, come from 100% cage-free systems.

This type of policy or certification of Animal Welfare by suppliers of raw materials of animal origin will be positively valued by the Company, in accordance with our commitment to identify and eradicate any malpractice until 2021. Similarly, we are also committed to reporting publicly on our annual progress towards full implementation of the commitment..

Milestones 2019

The first company in Spain to join The Valuable 500. An initiative created in Davos to promote people with disabilities in companies at a global level.

81-86% out of 100 in Sustainability audit and Decalogue of Sustainability of the Food Industry Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food. Main strengths: ethical conduct of research, innovation and development, circular economy and waste management, management of people and diversity, stakeholder management, supply chain and local economy.

Renewal of sustainable syndicated credit: 100% of factories in Spain and Portugal are zero landfill, 11.40% of employees with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion, 47.30% of women in management, 22.10% of semolina used from suppliers who are members of Alma Prima. The reduction of sugars in a selection of product categories ranged from 8.86% to 31.43%.


#90 Merco companies
#84 Merco Responsibility and Governance
#59 Merco Líderess, our President Juan Manuel González Serna
#61 Merco Talent

Co-responsible in the category of Large Company for our leadership in Circular Economy