Sustainable Agriculture & Responsible Supply

“At Cerealto Siro Foods we are getting closer to the earth, by the hand with local farmers and suppliers, to better meet the needs of our customers and consumers”

Sustainable agriculture

In Cerealto Siro Foods we have developed a sustainable agriculture model to obtain the best raw materials for our products.

The Company has three agronomic laboratories where we test different varieties of seeds and methods, looking for the best quality of wheat and other varieties of cereals. In fact, the third part of the durum wheat that we use for the manufacture of pasta alimentary already comes from our fields.

In order to achieve this, we work with farmers attached to the project, 25 direct and 269 indirect collaborators, with whom we research and exchange knowledge, essential to create a productive model of quality, efficient, profitable, reproducible and sustainable. We put at your disposal the best seeds adapted to your fields, which provide us with the best cereals for our industrial processes.

With the aim of increasing the yield of these crops, we have taken the digitalization to the field and developed applications that allow us to obtain detailed information on consumption and yields to make decisions in real time, with storage in the cloud to access the information of any campaign. In addition, we have trained our farmers and cooperative technicians so that they can complete the data from their mobile phones very easily.

Milestones 2018

In a commitment to efficiency and innovation, we have launched the first two double tank mega trucks in Spain, together with our DHL ally. These are Euromodular vehicles in which 40 tons of semolina can be transported; which has allowed us to reduce up to 25% the emission of polluting gases, linked to road transport.

On the other hand, we have started to introduce UTZ certified cocoa in some customers’ references.

Finally, we continue to work with our suppliers on packaging reduction projects, specifically, widths and micrajes, as well as more sustainable alternatives for packaging and packaging. This has allowed us to save more than 200,000 euros.