Responsible management of the supply chain

We believe in a common framework of excellence: this requires our suppliers to be aligned with the vision, mission and values of Cerealto Siro Foods.

Our achievements

We also comply with each of the national and international laws and know in depth the principles governing our activity.

We work with our suppliers to guarantee food safety, quality, service levels and the price of our raw materials. We have demanding approval and assessment systems in place for our suppliers of raw materials, packaging and packing. To sum up, our aim is for our suppliers to become part of and an extension to the company, and to grow in the same way as we do.

System for Approving suppliers

  • Our system for approving suppliers includes a series of extremely demanding requirements with regard to food quality and safety, as well as extremely high environmental, social and ethical standards.
  • Our supplier approval system includes a series of very demanding food quality and safety requirements, as well as environmental, social and ethical criteria.
  • As part of our commitment to guarantee and promote the ethics and integrity of our suppliers, we ask them to register on the SEDEX platform and adhere to our Suppliers’ Code of Conduct.
  • Our Codes of Conduct cover minimum criteria of ethical and responsible behaviour, in line with our vision, mission and values, and in compliance with national and international regulations and the principles governing our activity. Our aim is for all our suppliers to adhere over time to our Suppliers’ Codes of Conduct and to be part of the SEDEX platform.

– Cerealto Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

– Grupo Siro Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

  • Members of SEDEX, the global platform for information exchange on ethically sustainable production across the supply chain. Cerealto Siro Foods monitors and assesses our suppliers’ performance in ethical, social and environmental matters through a variety of tools such as the SEDEX platform. The processing of this information must provide improvement plans that benefit both parties.


The work we undertook alongside our suppliers during the year has resulted in concrete milestones.

In 2018, in a bid for efficiency and innovation, we began to use the first two double-trailer super lorries in Spain for supplying semolina. A joint initiative with our partner DHL, which consists of a European modular vehicle that can transport 40 tonnes of products, resulting in up to a 25% reduction in emissions of polluting gases linked to road transport.

In addition, we started to use UTZ-certified cocoa in some of our products. On another note, we continued our projects to reduce packaging, by working with materials and reducing width and thickness, saving over 200,000 euros, as well as looking for more sustainable alternatives to our packaging.