Circular Economy and Efficiency in the use of resources

Circular Economy

Looking at the future and sustainability of our Company, we work to integrate the circular economy within our business model, seeking efficiency in the use of resources, from primary production to recycling, valorization and reuse of waste.

At Cerealto Siro Foods, we have a circular economy model that allows us to improve the efficiency and use of resources, minimizing waste and reintroducing them into the production cycle. This model allows us to minimize our environmental footprint and generate an economic return for the business, while contributing to the reduction of food waste.

The circular economy is one of the seven flagship initiatives of the European 2020 Strategy with the aim of generating smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In Spain, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has drawn up the Spanish Circular Economy 2030 Strategy.

We collaborate with Tuero, our ally at Etnvironment, with whom we revalue our food by-products and convert them into animal food, we recycle the oils and packaging, and we compost the sludge from our treatment plants.

Additionally, in 2018 we announced the construction of a biogas plant in the industrial area where our plants are concentrated in Venta de Baños, Palencia, to generate the natural gas that we need for our production processes and which we will obtain from organic waste.

Our effort to develop a circular economy model, as by increasing efficiency in the use of our resources, has resulted in the following milestones:

  • We achieved zero landfill targets in all our factories in Spain and Portugal, in 2018, which means that all the waste generated by our productive activity was revalued and recycled. We are working to achieve this goal in 100% of our centers.
  • We renew the ISO 14001 Certification in all the Company’s factories in Spain in 2018.
  • In Spain, 100% of the energy we consume comes from renewable sources.
  • We measure and control our environmental footprint. We calculate the carbon and water footprint in our plants, to manage and reduce the polluting emissions that we generate with our activity.
  • Training and environmental awareness. We provide our employees training on good environmental practices, as well as awareness of reducing energy and water consumption.

It should be noted that Cerealto Siro Foods currently chairs the Committee against Food Waste and the Sustainability Committee of the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (AECOC).