Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment

At Cerealto Siro Foods we have always had a clear commitment to caring for the environment.  We make an effort to care for our environment and to make better use of resources, minimising the environmental impact of our activity: reducing the polluting emissions we generate, optimising our water and energy consumption, making an effort to reduce waste, and recycling and reusing and repurposing waste wherever possible.

Our achievements

Together with Tuero, our environmental partner, we have achieved the following:

All our factories in Spain and Portugal dump 0 waste in landfills. We are working to achieve this target in 100% in our centres.

  • Development of improvement plans for the reduction of waste and recycling of other waste. We are working to reduce waste generated by our activity and also repurpose it to obtain an economic return for the business: All the by-products generated in the factories can be repurposed and converted into co-product. We transform wastage and excess from production processes into high-quality raw materials for animal feed. The sludge from the purifiers in our plants is turned into compost, which we then apply to the crops of the farmers who supply us with durum wheat; and we also repurpose other waste such as plastics, coal, oil, etc.
  • We measure and control our environmental footprint. We calculate the carbon footprint and water footprint of our plants, to manage and reduce the polluting emissions that we generate with our activity. In Spain we have halved our carbon footprint measured by kilo produced.
  • Global environmental sensitivity. We give our employees training on good environmental practice, as well as in awareness of reducing energy and water consumption.
  • We have a system of environmental management certified by the ISO 14001 standard in all the company’s factories in Spain.
  • In Spain all the energy we consume comes from renewable sources.