Our Commitment

We want to be a company that society wants to exist

Our sustainable commitment

We want to be a Company that society wants to exist

Our company model is based on the creation of stable and lasting relations with all our stakeholders: clients, people, suppliers, society and capital. That is why it is essential to listen to them and understand their expectations: in this way we can assume commitments that help the sustainable development of the whole. Our responsibility is to act in the present with our eyes on the future.

Our Sustainable Model

At Cerealto Siro Foods we are aware that the sustainability of our company is based on the integrated management of the economic, social and environmental aspects; on a constant dialogue with our stakeholders; and on knowledge of domestic and international sustainability trends.

Our sustainable policies

We act proactively with respect to one of the most important challenges in the agri-food industry: the circular economy.

With an eye on the future and on the sustainability of our company, we have continued to work on a Sustainability Model based on efficiency in the use of resources, from primary production to recycling, recovery and reuse of waste.

Currently, the circular economy constitutes one of the seven key initiatives of the European 2020 Strategy with the aim of generating smart, sustainable and integrated growth. In Spain, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has prepared the 2030 Spanish Strategy for the Circular Economy.

At Cerealto Siro Foods we have anticipated one of the most important challenges in the agri-food sector, with the aim of responding to the social demand that requires companies to be more efficient in the use of our resources.

This effort has always focused on producing the best product at the best price. It is also supported by an integrated digital transformation process which, together with our Operations Model, is providing us with significant improvements in efficiency and competitiveness.