Nutrition and Wellbeing

Our goal is to manufacture the best products at the lowest possible cost.

Nutrition and Wellbeing

“At Cerealto Siro Foods, we are aware of the need for anticipate always the consumer demands with products they love”

Focused on innovation, we develop and improve our products to make them more healthy, meeting the demand of consumers with specific nutritional needs, but also those who are interested in interested in a healthy lifestyle.
By the way, we have launched new ranges of products with superfoods and ancestral cereals, organic, high-protein, and reduced-fat, salts and / or sugars products, as well as new references in categories such as cookies, snacks, cereals for Breakfast and cereal bars.

In addition, we are pioneers in the development of products using Artificial Intelligence. In partnership with i+dea, we have developed an algorithm that allows us to recover and analyze millions of data on new trends, understand the emotions behind each one, and launch products to the market with greater chances of success, being able to develop new products to anticipate the demands or needs of the consumer.

Milestones 2018

  • Our supplier approval system includes a series of very demanding food quality and safety requirements, as well as environmental, social and ethical criteria.
  • We invested 20.9 million euros in innovation projects and continuous improvement of our products, which represents 3% of the Company’s turnover during this year.
  • We launched more than 256 new products in the different markets where we have presence.
  • We carry out more than 500 product tasting with consumers to check their acceptance and 200 lifetime tests.
  • We developed the first product with Artificial Intelligence, together with i + dea and IBM, which is already on the market. The new snack – rice cakes with pea and lentil – was developed in response to the latest consumer preferences for organic, high-protein ingredients that are suitable for vegans and celiacs, while being low in sugar and salt.

In 2018, we joined the “Collaboration Plan to Improve the Composition of Foods and Drinks” of Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) from the Ministry of Health of Spain, committing ourselves to reduce sugar, fats and salts in our products up to 10-15%.