At Cerealto Siro Foods we are committed to cultivating a sustainable future based on ethical and social values, which have defined us for more than 27 years. These values ​​are the only ones that will allow us to progress towards a satisfactory and inclusive future. We are very clear that a company is better if the commitments with the environment are translated into deeds.

Thanks to having demonstrated a cross-cutting sustainable management model in all areas of the business and a sustainability performance above what is required by the Law, we were granted a sustainable syndicated loan worth 240 million euros to finance our growth plan.

Through this loan, Cerealto Siro Foods commits ourselves to a series of objectives related to our sustainability strategy, whose progress will be audited annually. The agreement includes, for example, the renewal of the certification of zero waste in all our plants or the maintenance of a staff equal to or greater than 10% of people with disabilities, among others.

The operation, led by Rabobank, as agent bank, and Banco Santander, has also had the participation of other financial entities such as CaixaBank, Banco Sabadell, Bankia, ICO, Liberbank, Caja Rural de Zamora and Abanca.

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