A Great Place to Work

People are who make us special and differentiate us from the competition, so they are our most important asset.

A Great Place to Work

“We strive to make Cerealto Siro Foods a good place to work, a place where all our employees can access to quality jobs and develop their talent”

We are aware that Cerealto Siro Foods is the result of the dreams, capacities and passion of all our employees, so our focus will always be on ensuring stable and quality jobs for our people, promoting equality and diversity at all levels.

In that way, the Company has reinforced its commitment to always guarantee objectivity in labor relations and promote fair treatment with its employees.

Our great commitment is to build and consolidate teams with high performance and commitment, while guaranteeing their well-being and personal development.

People at Cerealto Siro Foods:

  • We are a multinational formed by almost 4.795 people, with equality ratios of 54% men and 46% women.
  • We have a people from 35 different nationalities.
  • 11% of our employees come from groups at risk of social exclusion.
  • 75% of employees have permanent contracts.
  • In 2018, we were recognized as one of the 100 best companies to work for, in the ranking of Expansion Economic News.

We care about the training and development of our people, promoting opportunities for internal promotion and growth, and training our future leaders through our corporate university: San Pelayo Business School.

San Pelayo Business School

Leader’s School

San Pelayo Business School

At our corporate university, San Pelayo Business School, we promote the knowledge, learning and development of the skills of our coworkers. San Pelayo Business School runs various training programmes through a number of different schools:

  • Leadership School. Its aim is to develop and train the Group’s leaders in leadership skills.
  • Language School. Targeted at leaders who require a specific language level, mainly in English, to perform their job well.
  • Operations School. Its aim is to guarantee that people understand, interiorise and know of all the elements of our Operations Model. It is mainly aimed at teams in Production, Quality, Engineering, Control and Management and Human Resources.
  • BCN School. Its mission is to develop skills and extend knowledge to develop our Clients’ business.

Discovering talent and fostering its growth in the Company

We have a comprehensive Talent Management system, made up of a variety of tools that allow us to set targets, assess performance, improve leadership and identify high-potential coworkers. These tools are:

  • Definition of objectives and Action Plans (DOPA).
  • Monitoring and Assessment System.
  • 360o
  • Talent Review Programme.
  • On-site assessment of coworkers.

In addition, through the Siro Foundation, we have agreements to identify new talent with universities, business schools and training centres such as: The EDEM Business School, ONCE Inserta Forum, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Universidad de Salamanca, etc.