A Great Place to Work

Our people are what make us unique and set us apart from the competition. That is why they are our most important asset

A Great Place to Work

We make a big effort to ensure that Cerealto Siro Foods is an ideal place to work, a place to expand the talent of those who are already here and the many others who want to join us.

Only people committed to our dreams and values can help us become better and always surpass our clients’ expectations.

People are what make us unique and set us apart from the competition. That’s why they are our most important asset. No business can be managed, no machines can be operated, without people. That is why our major commitment is to create and establish teams with a high level of performance and commitment, while guaranteeing their welfare and personal development.

Cerealto Siro Foods is the sum of the dreams, capacities, talent, passion, initiatives and actions of each of our coworkers. Diversity, particularly with respect to the integration of people at risk of exclusion, defines and enriches us.

Our Achievements

  • Equal opportunity for all: The social integration of people at risk of social exclusion, above all people with disabilities, is one of our main values. Currently, 12% of our coworkers fall into this category. We have three Special Employment Centres, located in Venta de Baños, Palencia; Paterna, Valencia; and Jaén; as well as a labour enclave in Medina del Campo, Valladolid. Over 70% of the people who work in them, in positions related to production, storage, logistics, procurement and general services, have some kind of disability.
  • Because of our international nature, we work to understand the characteristics of people with difficulties in entering the labour market.
  • Managerial positions are distributed 55/45 between men and women, respectively.
  • In our total workforce, 43% are women, and 57% men, from 18 different nationalities.
  • Part of the remuneration of 100% of our employees is linked to the achievement of individual targets.
  • We are concerned about the training and development of our people, fostering opportunities for internal promotion and growth, and training our future leaders in our corporate university: San Pelayo Business School.

San Pelayo Business School

Leader’s School

San Pelayo Business School

At our corporate university, San Pelayo Business School, we promote the knowledge, learning and development of the skills of our coworkers. San Pelayo Business School runs various training programmes through a number of different schools:

  • Leadership School. Its aim is to develop and train the Group’s leaders in leadership skills.
  • Language School. Targeted at leaders who require a specific language level, mainly in English, to perform their job well.
  • Operations School. Its aim is to guarantee that people understand, interiorise and know of all the elements of our Operations Model. It is mainly aimed at teams in Production, Quality, Engineering, Control and Management and Human Resources.
  • BCN School. Its mission is to develop skills and extend knowledge to develop our Clients’ business.

Discovering talent and fostering its growth in the Company

We have a comprehensive Talent Management system, made up of a variety of tools that allow us to set targets, assess performance, improve leadership and identify high-potential coworkers. These tools are:

  • Definition of objectives and Action Plans (DOPA).
  • Monitoring and Assessment System.
  • 360o
  • Talent Review Programme.
  • On-site assessment of coworkers.

In addition, through the Siro Foundation, we have agreements to identify new talent with universities, business schools and training centres such as: The EDEM Business School, ONCE Inserta Forum, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Universidad de Salamanca, etc.