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Juan Manuel González Serna, among the more than 270 European Presidents and CEOs who join the call to action for a “New Agreement for Europe” in sustainability

  • Juan Manuel González Serna, among the more than 270 European Presidents and CEOs who join the call to action for a “New Agreement for Europe” in sustainability
  • It is the largest maximum group business positions mobilized in Europe with the aim of promoting public-private collaboration to develop a global strategy for Europe Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals

Forética announced today the set of 33 Spanish Presidents and CEOs adhering to the call to action for a “New Agreement for Europe” (“New Deal for Europe ”), in terms of sustainability. This manifesto has been driven by the European network CSR Europe in collaboration with its national partners as Forhetic It is the largest maximum group business positions mobilized in Europe, with the aim of conducting a call to action to support implementation – in collaboration with new European leaders- of a joint strategy for a Europe sustainable by 2030.

Plus of 270 leading European executives have already joined this initiative, 33 Spanish: Isabel Pardo de Vera Posada (ADIF), Luis Rodríguez (Cooperative Social Credit Bank), Pedro Guerrero (Bankinter), Ricardo Doehner (Campofrio Food Group), Juan Manuel González Serna (Cerealto Siro Foods), Jesus María Herrera Barandiarán (Cie Automotive), Óscar Martín (Ecoembes), José Manuel Núñez-Lagos (Ecovidrio), Antonio Llardén Carratalá (Enagás), Francisco José Riberas Mera (Gestamp Automotive), Marta González-Moro (21 Grams), Roberto García Merino (Red Eléctrica Group), Guillaume Duverdier (HEINEKEN), Víctor Iglesias Ruiz (Ibercaja Banco), Ignacio S. Galán (Iberdrola), Petra Axdorff (IKEA Iberian), Alejandro Oñoro (ILUNION, Group Social ONCE), Raúl Grijalba (ManpowerGroup Spain), Gabriel Escarrer Jaume (Meliá Hotels International), Jacques Reber (Nestlé Spain), José Antonio Fernández Gallar (OHL), Ignacio Mariscal (Reale Seguros), Iñaki Ereño Iribarren (Sanitas), Senen Ferreiro Páramo (Valora Management Consultants), José Ignacio Morales Plaza (Vía Célere) and Vicente Cancio (Zurich Spain), all partners of Forética. Complete the list of Spanish companies: Manuel Campo Castillo (Axel Springer Spain), Carlos Torres Vila (BBVA), Miguel Maia (Groupe GM-Peninsula Ibérica), Jesús Casas Grande (Tragsa Group), Maite Saenz (ORH Editorial Group), Mayte Martínez Bueno (Talengo) and Raimon Cortada (Vitae Health Innovation).

In addition, within the list you they find maximum representatives of matrices of member companies of Forética, as Ugo di Francesco (Chiesi), Francesco Starace (Enel), Kris Sterkens (Janssen) and Hubert de Ruty (Sanofi) and Ilham Kadri (Solvay).

The goal of the maximum group representatives who have adhered to this manifesto, presented by Forética today in a meeting held at the headquarters of the European Commission in Madrid, is to support the implementation of a global strategy for a sustainable Europe that Integrate the Sustainable Development Goals, through collaboration directly with Ursula von der Leyen, new president of the European Commission, Charles Michel, new president of the Council of Europe, and David Maria Sassoli, new president of the European Parliament.

In the words of Montse Moliner, President of the Board of Directors of Forética, “from Forética we promote this initiative from the conviction that without the contribution of the companies, its ability to innovate, generate employment, create shared value and operate from Responsible leadership, compliance with the Agenda cannot be achieved 2030 “.

El encuentro celebrado hoy se enmarca en la reunión anual de partners de CSR Europe que está teniendo lugar en Madrid los días 10 y 11 de octubre, con Forética como anfitriona. Representantes de las 30 redes europeas que reúnen a más de 10.000 empresas europeas asisten a varias reuniones de trabajo con el objetivo de alinear ejes de acción y maximizar el impacto conjunto en la red CSR Europe.

Next steps of the “New Agreement for Europe”

Before the reception among the maximum representatives of European companies, CSR Europe has extended until November 30 the deadline for Join the initiative. CSR Europe wants to present this call on December 5 to action and its full list of signatories to the new leaders of the European Union. As Jan highlighted Noterdaeme, Senior Advisor for Strategy, EU and Stakeholder Relations of CSR Europe, “the New Deal for Europe is a unique opportunity to establish public-private collaboration that helps to align the strategy of companies with the 2030 Agenda for Development United Nations Sustainable ”.

Noterdaeme has updated on the context, new most important perspectives and trends in the field of sustainability in the European Union and its influence for the business sector. He stressed that the political agenda of the new Commission, chaired by Ursula von der Leyen, Its central axis is to respond to climatic, technological changes and current demographics, so that Europe is positioned as a global leader in sustainability issue. In fact, making Europe the “first continent climate neutral of the world ”or defend“ the European way of life ”form part of the new commitments.

This clear commitment to sustainability is online with the work of the Juncker Commission (2014-2019) that earlier this year presented the document “Toward a Sustainable Europe by 2030”, prepared with the advice and participation of the SDG Multi-stakeholder Platform, with which Forética collaborates through CSR Europe.