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Cerealto continues their unstoppable growth and expect to close this fiscal year with a 47% increase in turnover

  • The company will close the year with a 35% increase in production, equivalent to over 150,000t
  • Cerealto will end 2018 with an investment higher than 17 million euros, six of them allocated to R&D

Madrid, October 26th, 2018.- Cerealto, global third-party label manufacturer supplying retailers and branded food companies in the B2B sector, continue to grow and will close the year with sales higher than 228 million euros, which represents a 47% increase in comparison to 2017. These results prove the consolidation of their business model, which has been built upon the principle of customer focus, based on a strategy of flexibility and differentiation through innovation and the capacity of offering high added-value products.

The company expects to increase production by 35% exceeding 150,000 tonnes. The biscuits business is the one experiencing the biggest growth, which represents 41% of the company’s total turnover (29% in 2017) and 29% of the overall production volume.

In respect of the  regional split, 65% of the turnover comes from South Europe which has grown  60% over the previous year and represents 75% of the overall production. Meanwhile, North Europe represents 16% of the turnover, Americas 13% and Asia and Africa 4%.

Cerealto estimates a year-end investment of over 17 million euros, which has been mainly allocated to broaden its production capacities and implementing technological improvements orientated towards efficiency increase. 48% of these investments in 2018 were allocated to the UK, while 20% of them to Spain, a 16% to Mexico and the final 13% to Portugal.

In 2018, Cerealto has maintained its bet for innovation, which is one of the strategic pillars for the company, investing over 6 million euros in R&D projects. Cerealto’s drive towards innovation has allowed them to continuously launch new products. They launch an average of 150 new products a year to meet consumers’ demand with accessible products tailored to their nutritional needs.

About Cerealto

Cerealto is a worldwide third-party label food manufacturer, supplying products to retailers and food companies in the B2B sector.

Their product portfolio includes: biscuits, breakfast cereals, cereal bars, baby food, pasta, bread, pastries, gluten free products and snacks. They launch over 150 new product developments each year, and invest more than 5% of their turnover in R&D.

Cerealto offer their products in over 40 countries. Their business activity is supported by their production capacities: 7 operation centers located in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Italy and United Kingdom and a workforce of over 2,000 employees (6,5% of them comes from groups with barriers to work).

Cerealto also trades their products under their own labels: Siro (multicategory), Nutriceal (baby food) and Mediterranea (pasta).