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Cerealto Siro Foods presents its performance in economic, social and environmental indicators on its Annual Report

  • The company closed the year 2018 with a turnover of 600 million euros and a production volume of 400,000 tonnes.
  • The investment figure was almost 50 million euros; 19.2 of which were allocated to innovation for the launch of over 250 new products worldwide.

Madrid, June 4th, 2019.- Cerealto Siro Foods, global agri-food company resulting from the merger of Grupo Siro and Cerealto, closed last year with a consolidated turnover of 600 million euros and a production volume of 400,000 tonnes, in line with its forecast.

Moreover, it reached a global workforce of 4,800 colleagues distributed in Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, Mexico and United States, generating 493 new permanent contracts and promoting equal opportunities for men (54%) and women (46%).

Currently, the workforce is composed of 12% of colleagues who come from groups with barriers to work, and people with over 35 nationalities.

In 2018, Cerealto Siro Foods became one of the first companies to be recognised as a Disability Confident Leader in the United Kingdom, a scheme launched by the Department for Work and Pensions to incentivise the hiring of people from these groups. More recently, it became one of the first companies to support The Valuable 500, an initiative launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, that demands the attention of world leaders, so they guarantee the labour inclusion of people with disabilities in their own businesses.

Cerealto Siro Foods wants to position itself on the international market as an innovative Company, which specialises in global categories with a multi-client and multi-country approach. Based on its in-depth understanding of consumers, of its value chain form its origin, and of its development and manufacturing processes, in order to continue offering its clients the highest quality products at the best possible price.

In this respect, the Company invested 19.2 million euros in innovation, which materialised in the launch of over 250 products, highlighting those with healthier characteristics or those that satisfy consumers with special dietary needs. Some examples are: products with superfoods or high in protein, products with no added sugar/salt/fats or with reduced sugar/salt/fats, or a completely new range of organic biscuits and snacks.

Its investment figure was almost 50 million euros, which were allocated to increasing production capacities or global efficiencies; to the digital transformation of the Company, specifically to crosscutting projects based on artificial intelligence; or the development of smart factories.

Additionally, the Group obtained a syndicated local for 240 million euros to finance its business plan, thanks to the trust that financial institutions have in its responsible management model.

More recently, the Company was included in the ranking of the 100 Companies with Best Reputation in Spain by MERCO, which proves support to the merger and the trust of all of its stakeholders in its new strategy, which focuses on innovation, internationalisation, operational excellence and specialisation in global business categories.

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About Cerealto Siro Foods

Resulting from the merger of Grupo Siro and Cerealto; Cerealto Siro Foods is a multinational company that manufactures cereal-based food products, supplying retailers and international branded food companies in the B2B sector.

The Group closed 2018 with a turnover of 600 million euros and a production volume of 400,000 t.

Cerealto Siro Foods has a workforce of 4,800 people in its 17 production centres located in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom and Mexico, as well as a commercial team in the United States.

The Company has a strong commitment to developing the communities in which it operates and to the integration of people with barriers to work, who represent more than 12% of its global workforce.



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