“We are a global company in the agri-food sector that is dedicated to the development and production of cereal-based products, for retailers and food brand companies.”

We are the sum of our 4.795 colleagues’ skills and passion, from 35 different countries.

One of the most reputable companies in Spain

54% of the team are men and 46% are women.

11% of our workforce is made up by people in groups at risk of social exclusion. 


At Cerealto Siro Foods we want to be prepared for the future and offer our clients solutions which anticipate consumer needs, based on innovation and in-depth knowledge of global trends and local consumer preferences.

How We Work

How we work

We forge stable and long-lasting relationships with all our stakeholders in order to deepen our understanding of them and to be able to deliver a sustainable growth model.

Client focus

We constantly endear to make our clients’ business grow and to offer the best products to all consumers.

Food Safety

We strive to offer the highest levels of quality certified by the most demanding international standards. We also provide our customers and consumers with alternative products offering more healthy characteristics and focused on groups with specific nutritional needs.

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Foto de familia de los participantes en la III Edición del Observatorio de Innovación en Gran Consumo en España donde I+Radar de @CerealtoSiro e @Imasdea_RandD fue seleccionada por @InstitutCerda como uno de los proyectos más innovadores de 2019➡️🎦https://bit.ly/2wqhmzU

¿Cómo respondemos a los retos del sector gran consumo desde @CerealtoSiro @Imasdea_RandD ? La respuesta es fácil: con enfoque en el consumidor. Hoy hemos sido reconocidos como una de las 20 innovaciones destacadas del año en el sector Gran Consumo por el @InstitutCerda

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